Posted by: beebrave | March 25, 2016

The Poet without Words

My head is full of poetry

But never can I set it free.

The words they dance and twirl around

Yet never can I get them out.

Just now I catch a word to write..

but NO – ’tis not completely right…

The sentences they do resist

To let them shape

Again – I missed.

If only I could end this fight

To go and rest in this dark night

It seems the battle never ends

No matter what I try, my friends.

So in the end I let it go

Surrender to my fate – just so!

Posted by: beebrave | October 20, 2013

about cats and other human beings

he had taken over the district

being the strongest among them

fighting anyone –  ready to die in the


his black colour made him

invisible as much as

invincible by any


a fierce war  and his

opponents retreated carrying away

shattered ribs, frazzled ears, torn eyes –


in the end

it was all his

the neighbourhood a


he took the crown

but the throne still

belonged to the righteous


Posted by: beebrave | March 19, 2013

schreibst du noch?

535968_10150755026087268_1681352761_nwarum ich nicht mehr schreibe?

fragst du mich

nicht mehr Wörter schüttel, Verse reime?

Wie soll ich bloß – so frag ich dich

meine kleinen

armseligen Zeilen


mit den deinen?

Posted by: beebrave | March 19, 2013

Melancholy (dedicated to M. W. on March 19th. 2013)

and such is the life that I stood
blue and solitary
in the dark
while the rain poured down on my bare skin
without protection
no coat or even an umbrella in my numb hand
waited for the train
that didn’t come
to bring me home to warmth and safety
the empty tracks alone
reminded me
of what we shared while we were still together
now melancholy
is my sole companion
the MP3 player whispers in my ear
alluring and beckoning
and my tears blend with the raindrops
until the music ends
Posted by: beebrave | March 18, 2013

without you

in the time where the tinsel is brought down from the trees

I miss you

in the time where the seagulls announce the dawning of yet

another day at the bay

I call for you

in the time where daffodils and spring snowflakes sparkle

on the luscious carpet

I dream of you

in the time when the burning sun fails to heat

the endless motion of the waves

will you be with me


Posted by: beebrave | January 30, 2013

keine zeit

hier, ja, genau hier

hab ich ihn gefunden

den gedanken

in dieser gehirnwindung – frontallappen oder so ähnlich

aufblitzend, die dunkelheit durchdringend wie im unwetter

unruhe hast du mir gebracht

für eine millisekunde


hier, ja, genau hier

hab ich es gesehen

das wort, das ausdrückt

was die hirnimpulse empfinden

hunderprozentige übereinstimmung zweier grundverschiedener dinge

aufatmendes verstehen

drängendes verlangen

etwas zu tun….

was – – –   ich weiß nicht mehr


und dann


anforderungen, arbeitsdruck

überlastung der synapsen

rien ne va plus


keine zeit gedichte zu schreiben

Posted by: beebrave | January 5, 2013

if only

I would write

the hell out of me

if only I had your experiences

I would write

word after word after word of black ink

if only

I were where you have been

I would write

to touch other people’s lives

if only I touched yours.

Posted by: beebrave | July 1, 2012

What I heard


and so I heard that

in the end


also doubted

you felt forsaken

– same as I


and so I heard that

in the end


aksed yourself:

What have I done?

– same as I


and so I hope that

in the end


felt released

from all this earthly burden

– same as I


Posted by: beebrave | May 30, 2012

walking freely

crossing the threshold

if only in my mind

borders long ago established

crush down in a second


and I walk freely

on the street that leads

towards infinity

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